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Prevent a User Name Change in Fusion Applications from Breaking SSO



If a user has accessed BI from Fusion Applications, changing that user's name in Fusion Apps breaks their ability to sign in to BI.

Use Case and Business Need

Currently, when a user is set up in Fusion Applications with at least the BI Consumer role, that user has an account in BI automatically created for them the first time they access BI. This account is also set up with SSO to BI from Fusion Applications. The account authentication occurs in BI based on the user's name - when Jane Smith signs in to Fusion Apps and then clicks a link to BI, Fusion Apps sends "Jane Smith" and authentication credentials to BI. 

The problem is that many users legally change their name and want Fusion Applications updated with their new names. If Jane Smith gets married and changes her name to Jane Jones, and her Fusion Applications account is changed to Jane Jones, BI will not be able to find her account when SSO from Fusion Apps is attempted. Fusion Apps will send "Jane Jones" to BI and no match will be found because the account is still "Jane Smith" in BI. For SaaS customers, to only way to correct the issue is to submit an SR and wait several days for Oracle to run "Forget Accounts" for the old user ID in BI.

The suggested improvement is to allow BI to use a unique ID from Fusion Applications (such as Person ID) to create and identify the BI account in the current auto-generate / SSO process. The user name can be used (and updated) from Fusion Applications for display purposes, but the use of a unique ID for identification purposes would prevent users from receiving errors when attempting to access reports after a name change. 

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