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Ability to Report on User Account Password Expiry Date



We are thinking of changing our password policy and would like to understand the impact of generating daily/weekly notifications, especially when the majority of colleagues attempt to log in at certain times within the payroll period to view their online payslips. We would like to avoid searching through the results of each report, generated by the process.

We would like the ability to report on the Password Expiry date of colleagues user accounts.

We have looked at the tables and views and cannot seem to find any table or fields that relate to Password Expiry date.

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Use Case and Business Need

We require the ability to Report on the Password Expiry Date field within the Security Console, This will drastically aid our business in impact assessing changes to the password policy, - This will allow us to use a report to continuously assess the security within the Oracle HCM Cloud, manage expectations to the operation for support calls and self service queries, once the process is triggered.

More details

We currently do not have a way of reporting on Password Expiry Date,

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