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Multi-languages Column Titles for Custom Reports in OBIEE



Issue description: The titles of the columns cannot be translated for each used languages. Example: If the custom report has been built in English, our Italian users (using the system in Italian) see the data in Italian but the column titles remain in English.

Expected enhancement: Having the ability to store and maintain the translations of the column titles in one custom report.

Use Case and Business Need

Business Requirement: As a global company, OBIEE for TEE is used in several countries with several languages. Custom reports have been built to provide expected information to our business. Our users expect to see the reports (columns, legends, data, UI...) in their connection language.

More details

Current workaround (provided by Oracle): If Custom Headings are required, it will be best to have a different copy of the report for each required language.

Impacts: the maintenance of the custom reports becomes very complex as we'll have to multiply the number of reports by the number of used languages. Moreover, one modification will have to be replicated for all related translated reports

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  • Hello  Jeremy,

    There isn't a standard solution, but there is a workaround I use to translate:

    1. Edit the analysis and replace the headers by a reference to a presentation variable that you will create in the prompt (i.e. @{label1}).
    2. Create a prompt with a Presentation variable for each label you want to translate.
    Add the variable name that you used in the analysis (i.e. label1) and add (under options) as Default selection a SQL results containing the following script:

    SELECT case VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION.WEBLANGUAGE) when 'es' then 'spanish_translation' when 'de' then 'german_translation' when 'cs' then 'czeck_translation' when 'fr' then 'french_translation' when 'en' then 'english_translation' when 'it' then 'italian_translation' when 'pl' then 'polish_translation' when 'pt' then 'portuguese_translation' when 'ru' then 'russian_translation' else 'default_translation' end
    FROM "Sales - CRM Sales Activity"

    In the FROM clause, try to use the same Subject area that you use in the analysis.

    3. Insert the analysis in the dashboard.
    Add the prompt to the dashboard using Dashboard properties.../Filters and variables (this will apply the prompt to all the dashboard pages).

    4. Run and enjoy the translation.

    Until the improvement arrives, I hope this helps you!


  • Thank you Jarete!

    I'm going to try this...