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Transaction Subject Area connected with Worker


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DHL Supply Chain


In subject area "Human Capital Management - Transaction Administration Real Time" there are fields called "Assigned to User" and "Assigned to Username". However it was advised that this subject area is not connected with worker information therefore there is no possibility to identify pending transactions (in progress) and with whom they are pending with in OTBI.

Current workaround  is write the BI Publisher report which it is quite difficult as well more challenging as due to required information (business unit, assigned to, type of transaction, transaction status) max limit of server resources are reached quite easily and reports needs to be rebuilt with less columns and then manual VLOOK is required to identify in which country 

Use Case and Business Need

This join between worker and transaction subject area would be very beneficial as we would have an insight what population in the system is not responding timely on transactions requests to ensure there are no process interruptions and potential compliance issues due to not completing (approving) transaction on time.

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