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A "Remove Chart" option in OBIEE pivot table view



I frequently use pivot table charts because they offer more formatting flexibility. (e.g. using hidden columns to influence sorting)

However, once you have created the view, you may want to remove the chart.  The only way to do that is to go into the XML and delete the nested view - not a big deal, but the less time spent fiddling in the XML the better.

I'd like to see a "Remove chart" option in the Position drop-down:



Use Case and Business Need

Specifically, this relates to dashboard/analysis development in OBIEE.  The developer may use a pivot table-chart to achieve a specific format, then decide that a different tabular presentation is needed to accompany that chart.  Currently, the simplest method is to duplicate the view, specify "Graph Only" in the initial view, go into the duplicate view to adjust the tabular data, then go into the XML to delete the "Nested view" that defines the graph in the duplicate.  It would be much simpler if there was a "Remove Graph" option in the pivot table edit window.

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  • Absolutely! Please provide this option. I added a graph by mistake, but then couldn't undo, couldn't remove it. Fortunately, I found this post. While I don't read XML, I duplicated the view, copied the XML to Notepad++, searched for "Nested" and took a guess at exactly what to delete. It took a few tries, but eventually I figured it out. This was over an hour of time wasted. Unacceptable for something that should be a simple button for "Remove Graph"