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Provide documentation on the mapping of data from OBI fields to TCC fields



There are many reasons one may want to transition OBI reporting to TCC feeds including:

  • Different delivery options
  • Automated Integrations with other systems
  • working around the points of failure inherent in email

There does not appear to be any comprehensive guidance for doing so. This guide could include best practices as well as having a mapping of data that is common between TCC and OBI.

As far as mapping It is understood that each client may have different  configurations and mappings, but there are things that will be consistent. For example:

  • "Requisition Identification"."Req. Identifier" in OBI is "ContestNumber" in TCC.
  • Each candidate and application will have an ID
  • Candidates will have names that can be found in OBI and in TCC
  • There are logs of events/changes for applications that are in both systems.

The mapping would be comprehensive and be able to show the OBI fields and the field or fields that would be necessary in TCC to get the equivalent information. And also to document where information is available in TCC or OBI and not the other.



Use Case and Business Need

We are trying to get data out of 2 different Taleo systems and put it in a SQL database so that we can combine what we get from Taleo with other HR systems and automate the creation and maintenance of  ongoing reporting. We have been using OBI agents to run and deliver reports via email, but have come across limitations in automating the process of consuming these reports. We have also noticed that not all emails are received, or received out of order, occasionally delayed for days, and have several points of failure that is not within Oracle's or our ability to control.

More details

We need more delivery options than just email. With only email as a delivery option you need to deal with email server configurations and limitations, individuals filtering of their emails, and the security that is applied to keep email secure and free from threats. 

The data dictionaries for the OBI and TCC side are helpful to finding and understanding the data from each method, but they do not help to identify the same data in the other system. Manually looking though the available fields on each system is a a tedious and time consuming exercise as the names may not be close enough to make an educated guess, and making the need to attempt to match on the data alone real. See the requisition ID example above. 

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