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Support for Rolling Monthly Trends



In our organization we need to report Turnover as a monthly trend of Rolling 12 months. This helps mitigate seasonality of departures and hires to help provide a like for like comparison.

The Workforce Trend Real Time subject area is VERY useful for seeing simple trends between two periods like a quarterly turnover, monthly turnover or annual turnover. We need something a little more complex.

I've found that there are Time Series functions provided within OTBI that can get the required data to perform Time Series Calculations. (AGO and PERIODROLLING) Here are details where I found the solution to building monthly trend of rolling 12 months data using these functions.

Unfortunately, using these time series functions causes a major performance hit and I've come to find through a Service Request aren't officially supported.


I think it would be VERY helpful to empower OTBI users to generate trends over a rolling period.

Possible suggestions could be to enhance the usage of these time series calculations to be supported and performative or possibly another subject area where the a time dimension can be used to determine the length of a rolling period and another for grouping the trend.

Use Case and Business Need

Being able to deliver a monthly trend of a rolling 12 month period is useful for mitigating the seasonality of departures to provide a like for like comparison between years or months.

If this could be enhanced to provide more than simply a rolling 12 month period it could empower users to see rolling quarters, half years etc.


Having this level of analysis would be very powerful for users to deliver sophisticated analyses.

More details

The Workforce Trend Real Time subject area is useful for providing simple trends across a regular calendar period. We're able to use the filters on the Calendar Month End date to provide a date range that can produce a single month of this rolling 12 month analysis but the only way to build a monthly trend is to use the delivered Time Series Calculation functions which causes a major performance hit.

We need this report to be reasonably performative! 

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