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Enable OBIEE location-alias with Action Navigate to a Web Page


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Cloud OBIEE - OTBI - requires hard coding the URL for Action Navigate to a Web Page.  This means that when we create a report with deep links to Objects in Cloud SAAS, the URL for the POD is hardcoded.  When moving reports from DEV to TEST or PROD, or when cloning Prod to Test, ALL reports with Deep Links must be updated.

OBIEE on premise has a feature where the administrator can modify ActionFrameworkConfig.xml to add Aliasing using a simple XML format.  Once Aliasing is available, the Action Navigate to a Web Page can use a format to reference the Alias using the construct @[aliasname].




Use Case and Business Need

  • Implement a method to abstract the current environment Cloud SAAS URL for use with Action Navigate to a Web Page
  • Implement a generic method to refer to any Web Location without hard coding in each report


Business need is to manage Actions when promoting of reports between environments or when cloning Environments.  Currently excessive manual work is required to update each hardcoded URL.

More details

There are many options to resolve some or all of this issue.  

The simplest for Deep Links to SAAS appears to to be to simply provide a SELF type reference out of the box.  This means we could always rely on something like @[SELF] to refer to the current POD.  

To solve the whole problem, make the file ActionFrameworkConfig.xml available for editing in the Administrator UI.

Note this may be considered a duplicate to  

This request applies to OTBI / OBIEE Analyses created from Subject Areas.  

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