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Include the field "Entered by" in the Procurement Analysis Subject Areas



Include the procurement requisition "Entered by" field in all Procurement analysis subject areas.

Use Case and Business Need

Our organization has many requesters that enter purchasing requisitions on behalf of others.  It is important to have the field "Entered by" available in all Procurement analysis subject areas, in order to report data initiated by the person that entered the requisition.

Without it reports are not accurate when reporting reqs and associated purchase orders entered by the person that entered the req.

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  • Hi Chris

    There ought to be attributes available under the heading 'Preparer' which term is synonymous with Entered By. Can you check?

  • Hi Ashok,

    Thanks for replying. I did end up figuring out that 'Preparer' is the heading for Entered By in OTBI. However, it is only found in one SCM subject area, 'Procurement - Requisitions Real Time.' I have yet to have success reporting across other procurement subject areas, including 'Preparer' and getting full results.

    If it could be added to all procurement subject areas, most importantly, 'Procurement - Purchasing Real Time', 'Procurement - Spend Real Time' and 'Procurement - Procure to Pay Real Time' departments can get some useful data including 'Preparer' in the criteria. They often want to know more data found in those subject areas. Often a 'Preparer' wants to know all the POs they entered for a period of time or the spend they have accounted for. Right now, they have to wait for IS to create or edit BIP reports to do this, who often have many requests in queue.



  • Hi Chris

    Sure. Thanks for the details. I will move this idea to the OTBI Ideas Lab for their review and guidance.

  • I have a similar requirement where I need to get the requester as well as the preparer of the requisition on a report which is built using procure to pay subject area. I tried using the cross subject area but that has caused inconsistent and inaccurate number of records.



  • Hello

    We would also like the Preparer added to the Procurement - Purchasing Real Time -

    This will help to show who the Requisition belongs to on the report.