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Supplier Audit Report - Extension Request


Organization Name (Required - If you are an Oracle Partner, please provide the organization you are logging the idea on behalf of):

Johnson Controls Inc

Description (Required):

We have an Audit Requirement specific to Supplier Master Data Changes wherein Compliance team would like to trace list of all changes done at the Vendor master level

Pertaining to that we have reviewed the Seeded Out of Box Report (Generate Audit Report) and feedback from compliance team is that they would like to request for two More Additional Columns to that report

1) Supplier Number

2) Supplier Name

Currently we have party Number in Description Field but that's not deemed efficient as per Business feedback and ask is to have it as individual additional columns

This will give business flexibility to filter , analyze and report efficiently . We would highly appreciate if the report can be extended to include those two fields

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

Problem Statement :

Seeded 'Generate Audit Report' For Product Family Payables doesn't contain Supplier Number & Name as an individual columns

User Story :

As a compliance team specialist we have to ensure that we monitor and efficiently report all the changes done at the Vendor master level as per SOX Governance Process . Currently unable to do that since the Audit Report doesn't contain Vendor Number & Name and its causing significant inconvenience to report and adhere to compliance process

Workaround :

We are doing text delimited separation for the Field 'Description' to separate the Party Number and doing VLOOKUP with Master data to retrieve the Supplier Name and its really cumbersome

Ask :

Add below fields to the existing report

1) Supplier Number

2) Supplier Name

Enhancement Request / Service Request:

3-28503302471 ,3-28400381001,3-28466196751

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