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Ensure Hidden Columns stay Hidden in all Report Formats


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Mary Kay

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When building a report in OTBI, you have the option to hide columns or exclude them from a table altogether. This removes the columns from the 'Formatted' report output. However, it will not remove them from the 'Data' report output. They will continue to display there despite the 'Hide" button being checked.

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

Report creators may opt to hide certain columns because they can quickly uncheck the column to download a more expansive version of the report for themselves. In reports from multiple subject areas, you must include measures for them to run correctly. - sometimes those measures contain confidential data.

If a report contains hidden columns with sensitive content, and that report is placed on the dashboard, end users will still have access to those columns by downloading the 'data' output. That may mean they could access restricted or confidential data. Currently there is no warning that the hide button is ineffectual for the data export option.

Enhancement Request / Service Request:

When the "Hide" box is checked, the column should not display in any version of data that is downloaded. So it would not appear in the formatted version NOR the Data version (where it currently appears).

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