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Required two different keys for the PPGP encryption and Digital Signature under FTP tab


Organization Name (Required - If you are an Oracle Partner, please provide the organization you are logging the idea on behalf of): TTX Company

Description (Required): In Administration (Under FTP tab), In PGP Encryption section, we are having the dropdown for the PGP Key and no drop down for the Sign Output to choose a different key for the sign.

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

a. How does the product currently behave?

--Currently the product does not allow for a separate signature file

b. How do you suggest the product should behave?

--When sending encrypted files, there should be a place to add a digital signature to add to the encryption

c. What is the business impact for the product change?

--Increased security of transferring sensitive data

d. What's the customer's requirement and why do they need more than one signing key?

--Currently, the one key is only for the PGP encryption and we need to be able to use a signing key that is different than that.

Enhancement Request / Service Request:

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