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BIP Templates - Allow Number formatting with Hyperlinks


Organization Name: IPSOS

Description (Required):

When building an RTF template for a BI Publisher report, adding a hyperlink to a numeric report with number formatting value causes the hyperlink to fail.

Zip file attached with sample XML and RTF template to illustrate the problem in both a simple format and a table where the xml values would need to be filtered to the appropriate columns. The table also includes missing value handling which doesn't seem to have an impact.

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

When delivering measures in a report, you may want to offer a hyperlink to a more detailed version of the summarized measure. If you're unable to format the number then it takes away from the readability of the report.

I expect that we should be able to add hyperlinks to values even if they are formatted as numbers.

Enhancement Request / Service Request:

SR 3-31141399491

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