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OAS - Parallel tables reload in DV Dataset


Hi Team,

We in HSGBU using OAS 6.4 for providing the HSC Argus Analytics to many of the customers. In OAS 6.4 we observed on issue that if a DV Dataset contains multiple tables (subdataset/classis analysis) then while reloading only 2 tables will reload at a time and serially the operations will get performed for all the tables.

OAS should have a feature to increase the limit / parallel in the underlying tables in a DV Dataset.

We have also submitted SR to support but received the answer that this is not a feature even in V2023.

Product team - please review this and let us know if this feature can be available in future patch / version release.


SR 3-32669813131 : OAS 6.4 - DV Dataset Parallel Tables Reload

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