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Which subject area(s) in FAW (HCM Fusion Analytics) can I find Talent Pools?

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If Talent Pools subject area is not available in Fusion Analytics, what is the best approach in utilizing the HCM OTBI subject area into FAW? Do we need to build a data set or can we leverage extending another subject area? The HCM OTBI subject area is 'Workforce Succession Management - Talent Pools Real Time'.


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  • ArunaMalla
    ArunaMalla ✭✭✭
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    try creating a custom report or analysis in OTBI based on the 'Workforce Succession Management - Talent Pools Real Time' subject area and configuring it to extract the desired data. Once the data set is created, you can use it within FAW to access the Talent Pools information.

  • Melody Herbert
    Answer ✓

    Thank you. We created the data set as described and are able to utilize to extract the talent pool info.