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In BI Report we getting dupicate records

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HI Team,

we have exist interview status report but few days onwords we getting dupliacte reocrds nearly 700plus.

how can shorted out the issue ?




  • Nathan CCC
    Nathan CCC ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi, You have not posted the logical query. It is a zero bytes empty file. But in any case for any analysis if you need to know what is going on then look in your session log. So go to the issue sql page at /analytics/saw.dll?issuerawsql. Cut paste your logical sql from the advanced tab of your analysis with any where clauses to get an example of a duplicate. Select logging level 2 then select issue sql then select view log. From the log cut paste the physical query or queries statements starting WITH. Look closely at the joins. Research the unique identifiers of the tables from the tables and views guide at Run it in a data model. Comment lines in and out. Debug the code to work it out.

    Many subject areas contains multiple stars with multiple facts and dimensions. So this is one of the reasons for your issue perhaps. Every query must include at least on fact measure column. If you do not include one then the default fact will be chosen for you. Onle some facts and dimensions are designed to work together. So you may need to add remove some presentation columns to get a logical query to work. So start with measure presentation columns from a single fact. Now keep adding different dimension attribute presentation columns until it goes wrong with duplicates. Keep looking at the physical queries in your session log as you go along.

    Cheers, Nathan