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Setting up a user for user-based authentication to Extract Data



Starting Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications release 23B, the FAWService user is being deprecated. The password for FAWService user cannot be updated in Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications. After your Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications instance upgrades to 23B, you will not be able to reset the password for FAWService user once it expires or changes due to a clone from another environment. This will impact Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse service and you're required to take the specified actions to prevent disruptions. 

Path forward:

Because of the above, we suggest you switch to using JWT.Switch to use JWT authentication — oracle-products has details.

But you may have a need to continue using a user-based authentication..either due to delay in move to using JWT based Authentication or some other problem. In that case, you could look at creating a user to facilitate extraction and data validation. Please note that Oracle counts this user as an Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications licensed user.

If you go ahead and create this new user, the recommendation is to update the connection details with the new user created to extract data, such as MyFAWExtractUser before the password for the FAWService user expires to ensure continuation of data extraction

Steps to create the user:

In Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, ensure that you’ve the Security Manager role and access the Security Console to create a user to extract data into Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse

Follow steps outlined in Create a User in Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications to Extract Data to ensure you create a user, assign Data Security and then

Update Connection Details in FAW See Update the Data Source Connection Details.


We recommend that you switch to using JWT. However at any point if there is a need to switch back to using a user based authentication, you could review creating a user for facilitating extraction provided , you could create a user in Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications and update Connection Details for FAW.