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Diversity Data Reporting Using Two Subject Areas With Assignment Manager - Manager Name Field

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Hi all, I'm looking for some guidance on getting my diversity report working correctly within two subject areas.

My first subject area is: "Workforce Management - Person Real Time"

Within here I do the following:



This brings me back everyone who has completed all three questions: Disability, Sexual Orientation or Ethnicity on front end.

Now what I need to do is filter out the people who haven't, based on using the "Assignment Manager - Manager Name" field, so this can be run by a line manager to see who hasn't completed any of the questions.

My second subject area is: "Workforce Management - Worker Assignment Real Time"



When I run this myself without the "Assignment Manager - Manager Name" field in there, I get the correct results, anyone who isn't in the feed.

When I run this logged in as a line manager with the "Assignment Manager - Manager Name" field in, it returns that line managers entire employee list, regardless of them being in the feed or not.

We've made sure the correct permissions are added to the role profiles for them to see the diversity data, but this doesn't seem to have helped.

I can't seem to figure out why when running it as a line manager it returns their full list of results instead of just the people who are not in the feed.

Any help would be massively appreciated..


  • Hi @MikeW Have you run the diversity feed report to check if that returns all the workers that have updated all the 3 columns? btw, why do you use the Rank function in that? The case that you have mentioned can happen only when the feed report is not rendering the data


  • Hiya, we use rank as the only way we could see to return the most up to date information is to rank the last update date, to then filter on the rank for 1, to allow us to see what the latest row data is.

    Is there another way to do it?

    We've been able to get the reports working correctly now as it looked to be a permissions issue that needed to be addressed.

  • Hi, glad it's working now, you can continue with the Rank, i was trying to understand the use case