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Add behind text image to footer of RTF template.



We developed an RTF template which we use for the majority of our dunning letters, and it does the job quite well. Recently the company branding has been changed and now requires a graphical element adding to the footer of the document behind the text so that a third party software we use can read the invisible white text.

I can add the graphic inline using the following:

This produces something like below:

The problem I have is that this increases the size of the footer and is disrupting they layout of the documents. I need the footer to be more like below:

I have no issue adding a behind text graphic to the header but when adding one to the footer I get the error:

<Line 139, Column 193>: XML-22031: (Error) Variable not defined: &#39;_MR&#39;.

Because this template is used for many dunning letters the placement of the Footer needs to be dictated by the document logic and cannot therefore be added directly to the footer.

Any Suggestions?

Best regards,

Clint Ashton