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Set a Fiscal Start Month for Date Fields


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Worthington Industries

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At Worthington, we operate on a fiscal calendar that begins in June. Many of the users of our tools like to see data trended over time for fiscal years and quarters.

When we do this, we have to join up a separate subject area to enrich our dates with attributes that give further identification to its fiscal date.

Ideally, it would be nice to either in a prep step or elsewhere simply enrich a date by optionally selecting the fiscal start month for that date field. That way, fiscal information can live under one hat. It would simply appear among the other options for looking at a given date field, allowing for things like Fiscal Year, Fiscal Quarter, etc. without having to pull in extra data.

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

Our creators throughout the business outside of Advanced Analytics do not have the immediate knowledge or capability to pull in fiscal information if it is not already included within data sources. Additionally, analysts would have to only spend minimal effort to get a validated and working fiscal date that doesn't have to be an entirely different column but instead use an existing date field. There is also potential to increase workbook performance, as we wouldn't need to add additional information besides existing dates.

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