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Fusion Analytics Tech Tips : Custom Case Study PVO using Data Augmentation and Semantic Modelling


The document describes how to extract data from Fusion through data augmentation in FAW and then use it to build new subject areas .

If your use case is 

The basic procedure

The steps you'll need to take include:

  1. Prerequisite for custom public view objects
  2. Understanding the source data 
  3. Data Augmentation process
  4. Data modeling tweaks for a star schema
  5. Model using Semantic Model Extension
    1. Create branch
    2. Create subject area for Quotes
    3. Create dimensions
    4. Extend dimension
    5. Create fact
    6. Modify subject area
    7. Re-use the Quotes subject area to create Consumption subject area
    8. Add dimensions in the Consumption subject area
    9. Add facts in the Consumption subject area
    10. Create custom subject area referencing the prebuilt custom Quotes subject area
    11. Create missing dimensions in the Consumer subject area
  6. Publish the model
  7. Validate the model
  8. Deploy the model

Each of these steps are explained and illustrated in the attached case study and we hope you find the information beneficial.