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Fusion Analytics Autonomous security Series: Custom Data security


About Data Access through Security Assignments

You grant the data security assignments at the user-level.

Data security assignments apply data filters to display only the data corresponding to the security assignment values assigned to the users. For example, John Smith and Marie Pierce are both Accounts Payable Manager in an organization, but John Smith needs to see only the US business unit-specific data and Marie needs to see only the UK business unit-specific data. Even though both have the same functional role, their data security assignments differ. John is assigned all the US business units and Marie is assigned all the UK business units only.

You ensure data-level security with a combination of data roles, security context, and security assignments assigned to the user. Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse maps a security context 1:1 onto a data role. You grant the data security assignments within a security context. The user must have the data role through the group assigned to them in order to have access to the security context and its corresponding list of values to pick from. You assign a user one or more job-specific groups. The groups have data roles mapped to them, and when querying data, the semantic layer applies the data filters.

In this post we further describe how users can customize their data security