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FAW - ADW database and Azure Data Factory connectivity

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Hello All

Have a situation in a project where we need to establish connectivity to FAW - ADW database from Azure Data Factory in the Azure cloud.

When we provisioned the FAW - ADW instance, we provisioned with the Network option Mutual TLS (mTLS) authentication as "Required" in the ADW.

 This setting works perfectly fine for FAW.

However, when we connect Azure Data Factory to this ADW instance, we are unable to connect. But we can successfully connect to the ADW instance with the same setting via SQL developer.

Now to make the ADF to ADW connection work, have changed the Mutual TLS (mTLS) authentication: Disabled and also configured the Access Control List security allowing all the public IPs.

With this setup, we can successfully connect from ADF to ADW database. But now, FAW is unable to access the ADW and all the reports are failing to show results.

So, the question is:

1) Is there any settings/configuration change that needs to be applied for FAW to work post this ADW network change?

2) If there is no way we can make this change at FAW after ADW setting change, let say if we provision a new ADW and FAW instance with mTLS disabled, will FAW to ADW connection will still work without any issues?

Looking forward for your recommendations.