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OAuth authentication needs to be supported in Fusion Applications BI Publisher in GEN3


Issue: OAuth Authentication unavailability in BIP Fusion Applications (FA) is restricting connection between FA and Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), as OIC in GEN3 supports only OAuth where as FA's BIP web service as data source supports only Basic Authentication


Major requirements and technical approaches that are disrupted are as follows:

Business Impact : 

  1.  Loss of ability to trigger OIC integrations using ESS jobs/BIP reports.
  2. Increased labor cost to develop minimum viable workarounds.
  3. Reduced value due to lost functionality.
  4. Increased labor cost to revisit these improvements later.
  5. This inability incurs internal and external costs to extend the project schedule.

Use Case: Use BI Publisher Data Model to call OIC Integration using REST/SOAP service and query data in DBCS tables to return XML response to BIP. Response is used to generate excel/pdf/word output and send to suppliers/end users. For ad-hoc triggers, Use ESS Job and BI Publisher Data Model to trigger OIC Integration using REST/SOAP service.


Suggested Solutions: OAuth authentication needs to supported in Fusion Applications BI Publisher. 

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