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BIP: Document (Output) classification based on audience of report and other security classifications


There is requirement from many customer to classify the report and add sensitivity labels based on sensitivity of data.

This will reduce the effort of watermarking report before sending to different audiences.

This can be a configuration (tagging) at report level/folder level which will make the reports as "Highly Confidential", "Confidential Internal" etc.

This configuration should be flexible enough, so custom labels/Watermarks are added.

This requirement is catered by reporting tool like "Power BI" and has been asked by quite many customers in Oracle Reporting tools as well.

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  • Very Nice and desirable feature to comply to ISO 27001 Information Classification. Control objective A.8.2 is titled ‘Information Classification’, and instructs that organizations “ensure that information receives an appropriate level of protection”.

    Love to have this feature.