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How to create ess job that will directly use the parameter of the data model?

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We have an analysis that we wanted to be available in the Scheduled Process. Since we cannot link the Analysis itself to the ESS job report job ID, we tried to recreate the analysis on a data model by taking the SQL from the Advanced tab. In the data model, we made the Data Source as Oracle BI EE.

The problem is, we cannot create the parameter LOV using the query that is dependent on Oracle BI EE data source.

Sample parameter query:

SELECT "Receivables - Transactions Real Time"."Time"."Calendar Year"

FROM "Receivables - Transactions Real Time"


"Receivables - Transactions Real Time"."Time"."Calendar Year" > 1999

So instead, we are thinking if it's possible to create ESS job that can take the parameter of the Data model as is? Or, is there a way to create the LOV wih a query for Oracle BI EE data source?