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Archiving transactions from Friday of a previous week that correspond to Monday


 Social Security Archiver - The law says the hires can be reported -1 working days

In the Social Security File only future hiring movements appear one calendar day later, however, the law establishes that they must be working days.

In Mexico, Article 715 of the Federal Labor Law confirms that "Working days are all days of the year with the exception of Saturdays and Sundays, mandatory rest days, holidays established in the official calendar and those days on which the labor authorities mentioned in the preceding article suspend their work".

In the specific case of IMSS, the Law states:

CHAPTER III REGISTRATION OF WORKERS Article 45 LSS. Employers must register their workers with the Institute in accordance with the terms set forth in the Law. Likewise, they may do so on the business day prior to the beginning of the labor relationship; in this case, the recognition of rights or weeks to determine the granting of benefits in cash and in kind will be counted as of the date indicated in the respective notice as the beginning of the labor relationship. Employers will inform the Institute of the salaries of their workers without exceeding the limits established in Article 28 of the Law.

This means that if a hiring transaction is entered on Friday with an effective start date on Monday of the following week and I run the Friday file cabinet, it should generate the hiring transaction with a future date as it is the next business day.

SR 3-34624533121 : Social Security Archiver - The law says the hires can be reported -1 working days

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