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OTBI-Learning-Is there a way to report on who specifically took the action to Withdraw the learner?

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OTBI - Learning Module - Is there a way to report on who specifically took the action to Withdraw the learner or who assigned the Learning item to the learner?

For example, per Learning Assignment > Edit Assignment screenshot below, the Withdrawal Type is "Learning Specialist Withdraw Learner". However, we are curious to know who specifically took this action. 

Same thing for Assign As. OTBI column name for Assign As is "Enrolled By" under Assigner Information. This learning item is assigned as "Learning & Talent Development" or it could be "Human Resources" etc. for another assignment however, how to know who is the person who actually assigned this learning to the learner? Is there a column name for assignee name in OTBI or can I see assignee/withdrawer name online?


  • Would appreciate a quick response to this.

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  • Hi @HarishMalik ,

    OTBI is built based on the configured information in source system. From your screenshot, we observe that the source system itself is capturing the information "Learning & Talent Development". OTBI reports the same.

    If your request to have the Assigned / Withdrawn By person details is a critical functionality, I would recommend to raise an idea in IdeaLabs Section of this Forum, so our Product Management can review the same and if feasible implement it in one of the upcoming releases. Post this is implemented we will have to make it available in OTBI.

    Idea Labs can be found Here : 

    Before creating an Idea, it is recommended to go through the Guidelines :

    After logging in to the customer connect portal, please click on Idea menu and select the appropriate product. On the following page you should be able to see a button "Submit Your Idea" please use that to request an Enhancement.

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