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BI Publisher Interactive Output VERY WEIRD behavior. Inbuilt total characters per row restriction ?

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I've written a BIP report and am using the interactive output.

I noticed it was only bringing back about 95 of my 3000 rows that the data model retrieved.

I used a parameter to narrow it down to 9 expected rows (data model returns 9 in this case) and the interactive output only shows 2 rows.

-- very weird.

After a LOT of trial and effort I discovered the odd behaviour was being caused by 1 specific column.

As soon as I removed this column all 3000 rows are shown and with the parameter all 9 correct rows are shown.


I put the column back in and SUBSTRinged it to 10 characters -- all 3000 rows returned.

I upped the size, and repeated and repeated - eventually discovering that when the column is 113 chars long, the report only returns 95 rows and 2 when filtered by parameter. If I set it back to 112 - everything works as it should.


This cannot be right. It's like its hitting some sort of limit for total number of characters per row or something like that?

Anyone experienced anything like this? Have any ideas?



  • Hi @ScottHillier ,

    Can you share me your BIP version number? & ISSUE- column datatype & size configured for the same ?



  • ScottHillier
    edited November 2023

    Hi @Mallikarjuna Kuppauru-Oracle

    Version : Oracle Analytics Publisher

    The column causing the issue is from the por_requisition_lines_all  table, the item_description column which is reported as VARCHAR2 960

    select * 

    from all_tab_columns 

    where lower(table_name) = 'por_requisition_lines_all'

    and lower(column_Name) = 'item_description'

    Returns 2 rows. Both say CHAR_COL_DECL_LENGTH (960), CHAR_LENGTH (240)

  • Hi @ScottHillier ,

    I don't know if the forum "push" you to accept or reject every reply you get in a post. But even if it does, the focus should be on the "accept" of the valid answer (when it does exist) more than rejecting everything else (it gives a kind of negative feeling, even if all you wanted to mark is that it still wasn't the answer).

    Just saying for the future ;-)

  • @Gianni Ceresa Sorry you've lost me.

    I've no idea what you're talking about with push, accept, reject and negative feelings.

    It says "Did this answer the question? Yes No"

    It's a simple English question - and the answer is no, this didn't answer the question, ensuring the question remains unanswered. If I click Yes then it would appear the answer has been given, which it hasnt.

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