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Calendar table in ODV

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Hello , I have a question with ODV.

Is it possible to create a custom calendar table in ODV ( with spreadsheet or sql query) and then link it to a report dates columns in order to use the date table as a prompt in my dashboards. I was able to that easily in power bi joining date fields in the report and a calendar but i dont know how to that in ODV.

For your information, i dont have a calendar table on my subject areas/rpd so that's why i want to create this custom calendar table.

Thanks for helping


  • Hi @User_RS68A ,

    You can do it, but I highly recommend to model the calendar table directly in the RPD (you can use a sql query directly in the physical layer to do it).

    If you want to use Data Visualization then:

    1. Create a new dataset with your calendar data
    2. Grant users/roles access to the dataset
    3. Create a dummy workbook and add both the subject area, and the calendar dataset to it
    4. Use the Data tab in the dummy workbook, to establish a link between the subject area and the dataset

    When the link is created in Data Visualization, the subject area and the dataset can be used together also in Analytics Classic and leverage the existing link.

    As an alternative, you can model the join between your subject area and the calendar table directly in a dataset with multiple tables (it requires OAC or OAS 2023). In Analytics Classic, then you have to create analyses/prompts based on the newly created dataset.

  • @User_RS68A ,

    What do you call ODV? Oracle Analytics Desktop (the standalone desktop application)? Or the DV interface in OAS or OAC?

  • @Federico Venturin thank your for your answer.

    I dont have access to the RPD that's why i want to do it in Data Vizualisation directly.

    I am trying to follow your explanations, however i'm having an issue.

    I can not join more than one date column in the report to the calendar date column. ( see attached screenshot)

    the problem is that i have multiple dates column in my report and want to join them all to the calendar table.


  • Hi @User_RS68A ,

    If I understood it correctly, you would like your calendar table to be able to play multiple roles (e.g. order date, payment date, invoice date, etc.).

    This is not possible since there could be at most one join/link between 2 given objects (eventually the join/link can be based on multiple columns). You have to create a separate dataset for each role that your calendar table should play, or an alias if you are going to follow the dataset with multiple tables approach.