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Migration of FR reports

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I want to use How To Move FR Reports Between Environments (Doc ID 2024010.1) process to migrate FRS reports between environments but I have two doubts I need confirmation on from anyome who has used this.

  1. the report details how to migrate reports under /shared folders/custom/financials - my question is if you had a sub-folder (say /shared folders/custom/financials/x ) under financials that you wanted to migrate would that work - to only migrate the contents of x in my example, or does it search ALL of the sub-folders under /custom/financials and migrate any content that relates to FR reports?
  2. Does this migration process respect / not destroy any custom reports that have been created under financials, or would all customizations need reapplying after migrating the reports? (i.e. if I have /shared folders/custom/financials/cash management, /shared folders/custom/financials/collections etc etc - will they all still exist and remain operable post migration?

thanks for your time, appreciate your input.



  • @Robert of STAU ,

    This community is specific to Fusion Analytics Warehouse issues and your query is related to Fusion applications(OTBI). Please post this question is Fusion applications dedicated community space, so that experts in that area can assist or share their feedbacks on the concerns raised. Kindly consider.