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Restrict the view of a OTBI report only for a Role

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We wanted to restrict the view of a OTBI report only for a role - Field Service Administrator. This role has the BI Consumer Role added to it already. But when we added this role in the OTBI report permissions, the user with this role is not able to see the data. Error received is attached below.

How can we resolve this? Is there any other role required to view the OTBI report?



  • Nathan CCC
    Nathan CCC ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Radhika,

    When you use the task permissions on a folder or file in the catalog in OTBI to grant to a role then all you are doing is choosing what actions a user can perform on that file or files in a folder. For example, read, write etc. But the file folder permissions have absolutely nothing to do with how many rows are returned for a user.

    The number of rows returned by a query on a subject area is to do with data access for each user. Each subject area is different but you need to look inside the job roles referenced in the subject area user guide at the data security policies inside those job roles. These may be used by the subject area to add a where clause at runtime to your query to restrict what rows you are allowed to view. Go to page manage sessions then view log to discover what data security was added to your query for your user. For example, subject areas in ERP tend to make use of setup in page "Manage Data Access for Users" and subject areas in HCM tend to make use of data access setup in data roles on page "Manage Data Role and Security Profiles".

    For more information read the manual

    Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Securing Applications F88598-01 24A

  • Hello Nathan,

    We added the data access as you have mentioned above but we are still not able to see the data in the OTBI report. What can we do for this?



  • Nathan CCC
    Nathan CCC ✭✭✭✭✭


    What subject area are you using? What is the simplest logical query you can do to demonstrate the problem? Is this ERP or HCM? If ERP, which data security policy in which job role that you are granted did you setup data access for users? If HCM, which data role did you create linked to which job role with what security policies setup in that data role?

    To debug go to page manage sessions /analytics/saw.dll?Sessions

    then in column Action select link View Log

    to view what data security was added to query for you in the SQL(s) sent to the application database

    NOTE For you to get to this page manage sessions your bi administrator using page manage privileges /analytics/saw.dll?PrivilegeAdmin must have granted to your user or a role you have privilege Admin: General Manage Sessions