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Correct PO Details Open to Invoice Amount for Purchase Order with Price Reduction on Invoice

edited April 26 in Support Idea Lab

Submitted by Hawaii Department of Education

PO Details - Receipts Section is displaying incorrect 'Open to Invoice' amount when price is reduced on related PO Invoice with quantity match. This was displaying correctly until 23C. Request: correct the 'Open to Invoice' amount displayed in PO Details-Receipts.

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Set up: Find a COA Distribution with funds allotted in the current year
  2. Create a PO with line type GOODS
  3. Create a receipt in Supply Chain Execution for that PO
  4. Create an invoice matched to that PO and receipt but when matching lines, leave the quantity as is but decrease the AMOUNT or UNIT PRICE. Validate the invoice.
  5. Review the PO Details.

Invoice Line screenshot & PO Details-Receipts section follows.


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