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Synchronize data security from Oracle Fusion Financials to Fusion analytics warehouse

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how do i synchronize data security from Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications (Cloud ERP) with Fusion analytics warehouse

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  • Hi @Ahmed Elshahhat

    Make sure your IDCS sync is enabled from FA.

    Refer - FAW : Users, Groups, and Memberships are not syncing from FA into IDCS and Hence They Are Not Visible in FAW (Doc ID 2958701.1)



  • Ahmed Elshahhat
    edited May 7

    Hi @Mallikarjuna Kuppauru-Oracle ,

    Thanks for your reply; I just wanted to highlight that users and groups are coming from FA to IDCS and eventually available in FAW and thus no issue in the sync between IDCS and FAW.

    The issue is related to the data access sets assigned to the users in FA, those security assignments are not coming to FAW.

    I realized that if the users are not assigned to standard/ seeded role e.g. "Accounts Payable Manager", instead the user was assigned to a custom role in FA e.g. "XX AP Manager Custom"; no security assignments (Data access sets for users) is not going to flow to FAW.

    In our organization the segregations of duties are firmly applied; therefore, we can not use the standard roles available in FA and we had to create custom roles to adhere to the SODs rules.

    This will leave us with no option other than customizing the data security directly on FAW; which is really tough exercise.

    I hope that Oracle could find a way that allows their customers to map the custom roles created in FA with its counterpart application roles in FAW, and eventually FAW will inherit the data access sets "security assignments" assigned to users seamlessly.

  • Hi @Ahmed Elshahhat

    Got it. You need to go for the Custom security.