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How long does ERP data gets committed to Oracle database

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This question is raised due to a production issue we had when extracting reports from the ff table:


These are 2 out of 34 tables that we are extracting hourly. Since 24A, we've found missing records and whenever we re-extract we got to pick all the rows that we are expecting.

We are suspecting if the upgrade introduce a longer running process when data is getting committed to database. Now, question is how long does it usually take? Do we have any documentations about this? I've raised an SR regarding this concern but never got a clear answer of the root-cause.

Can anyone help please?


  • Rajesh L-Oracle
    Rajesh L-Oracle ✭✭✭✭

    Hi User_RCULI,

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    This forum is for OBIA product and looks like your question is for Fusion Applications tables and BICC extract.

    Please note Question for Fusion Apps should be posted in our sister community, which can be found at : Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Connect ( ).

    Please make a note of the above URL and visit above Fusion Apps forums to submit ideas, receive support from our FA Cloud experts and check out the resources they have available for you.

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