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Published Dashboard not displaying content

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Please advise,

I published a dashboard after completing with the development, after publishing other users cannot view the dashboard.

They can only open but there is no content on the dashboard

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  • Gianni Ceresa
    Answer ✓

    Yes, you can edit the exiting one or create a new one.

    The key point is that the dashboard that is "published" (in a shared folder) does NOT reference anything stored in your "my folder". It should point only to content also stored in a shared folder.


  • Hi,

    Do you mind sharing what product (name) and version you are using?

    What did you do to "publish your dashboard"? Was it between different environments or moving it to different location of the same server?

    Waiting for more details, if other users can't see the content (I assume the whole content, not just no data), it's often permissions issues: a dashboard page references analyses with an absolute path. If you move it, it keeps pointing to the same objects where they were developed, and probably there the permissions are limited to the dev team.

  • Sisanda
    Sisanda ✭✭✭

    Hi , Thank you for your prompt response. I am using the below version of Analytics

     Oracle Business Intelligence Product Version (Build BIPS-20170820114118 64-bit)

    Oracle BI Server Data Source


    Available Paging Memory (MB)


    Available Virtual Address Space (MB)


    Maintenance Mode is currently off.

    I am simply moving the dashboard from myfolders to sharedfolders. Attached see how the dashboard displays when moved to sharedfolders for the rest of the enterprise.

  • Ok, thanks for the details.

    So, it's the case I was mentioning.

    You move the dashboard from "my folder" to a shared folder. But the objects referenced inside the dashboard do not move. If the content (analyses) were in your "my folder", the dashboard you moved to shared folder is still pointing to the content stored in your "my folder", and that's why nobody else than you can see content.

    You should also move the content (analyses, prompts, saved filters) to a shared folder, then you have to edit the dashboard to replace the objects (not pointing to the one on your private folder but point to the one you copied in a shared folder).

  • Sisanda
    Sisanda ✭✭✭

    Im a bit confused. Can I move the dashboard contents to my shared folder, then create a new dashboard referencing to the the moved contents?

    Thank you