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Data from Hidden Folders No Longer Accessible on OTBI Dashboard

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We are encountering a critical issue with the accessibility of data on Oracle Cloud dashboards. Previously built and working dashboards that contain content from hidden folders are no longer functional. When editing the dashboard, the hidden folder(s) are no longer available to view or select content from. This has rendered several HR dashboards non-functional, as they now display the error message "Referenced Catalog Object Inaccessible."

It's essential to highlight that this issue is not isolated to a specific environment but is occurring across all environments.

We are reaching out to the community for assistance in resolving this matter. If anyone has encountered similar challenges or has insights into potential solutions or workarounds, your input would be greatly appreciated.

Our team is actively investigating this issue, but your expertise and collaboration can expedite the resolution process and minimize the impact on our operations.


  • Hello JPoris,

    Please navigate to the the BI Catalog and ensure that the folder containing the dashboards and reports are there and that they were deleted or the permissions were not changed on them.

    If you still cannot resolve the issue, please raise an SR with the Fusion BI team.

    Thank you


  • JPorisVU
    JPorisVU ✭✭

    Thank you, Hassan,

    Yes, the content still exists and is accessible via the catalog. We'll submit the SR.