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Oracle Analytics Connector Audit 2024 Results!


Thank you for participating in the Oracle Analytics Cloud Connector Audit 2024.
The Connector Audit has been initiated based on multiple user comments from the PSAT survey FY24 and during product strategy meetings with the OA Leaders community. The focus of the audit was on connector requests for the OAC platform and excluded FDI related connector requests. (OAC connectors are used to access data sources for creating datasets and semantic models whereas FDI connectors are used to augment and enrich the Oracle Cloud application data with external data.)

Many users were involved in the audit: OAC/FDI/OAS Users, Product Managers, Product Strategy and Customers. Additionally, the Idea Lab and Customer Connect Forums were analyzed to capture connectors requests.

The goal of the audit was to identify what new connectors, or existing connector enhancements need to be prioritized in the product roadmap.
Results showed that 34 connectors were requested to be added or enhanced in the OAC Platform.

Please find below the top 10 connectors requested. The ones with the green status are planned and part of the product roadmap. The ones in grey are being analyzed for future inclusion in the product roadmap.