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Oracle Redwood - Visual Builder Studio CX-Picker functionality


When integrating the CX-Picker into field templates—presumably forms or sections where users enter data—there is an expectation that certain fields may be marked as required. This requirement typically ensures that users must provide a value before proceeding, helping to enforce data completeness and integrity.

After a value is populated in the required parameter of the CX-Picker fragment, the required parameter associated with that field does not function as expected in the UI. In practical terms, this could mean that even though a user has entered or selected a value in the field, the UI might not recognize this action as fulfilling the required condition. As a result, the system may allow the user to proceed without fulfilling the requirement, potentially leading to incomplete data or errors in validation.

By addressing this aspect, developers and administrators can ensure that the CX-Picker integration within field templates functions correctly, maintaining data integrity and user experience standards within the application or system.

CX-Picker Parameters for the fragment are below:

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