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Exporting the BI Publisher Report

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I have a  BI Publisher report using RTF Template.  Everything looks good.  But, When I export the report, I am getting the report name (file name) as Employee_Employee.pdf.

How to make it just Employee.  where to change the file name to be whatever we want when we export.

Can you please suggest.

Thank you,


  • Thomas Dodds
    Thomas Dodds ✭✭✭✭✭

    Employee_Employee.pdf means you've saved both the report and the template with the same name.  Adopt a sensible naming convention...

    If most of your reports have one tamplate (tab) then use Report ... Now you have Employee_Report.pdf

    If you've got various templates, then perhaps something like:





    Change the way you approach it versus trying to change the design and intent of the tool being used.

  • Thank you Thomas, I agree with you.

    But when I change the template name to report, it is showing as Report on the tab which does not have any meaning.  Is there any other way? or it is the limitation on the tool?


  • Sherry George
    Sherry George ✭✭✭✭✭

    AFAIK the name will be reportname_templatename. You could call it as a product limitation or feature. I would suggest, raise an ER with Oracle for your particular need.

  • Thomas Dodds
    Thomas Dodds ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes, it's the quirky limitation of a really old product.   I doubt Oracle is going to make any improvements (significant) to this product.

    You will have to use a little creativity as we all have had to with this product! 

  • Thomas and Sherry gave you all the input you'll ever get on this topic. @manyam16 can you please mark the appropriate answers and close the thread so that other users may also benefit from it?