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OBIEE Agent - Report pass/fail email distribution

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I have created an analytics report in OBIEE 12c and an agent to schedule the report automatically and deliver to particular users.  However, I also need to send an email to a different user if the report fails for some reason, the reason could be anything. 

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  • So you have an analysis which you send to a user using an agent. And now you want to send an email to another user if the first agent didn't work fine?

    You have the logs tables of agents ( which allows you to know the status of the agent executions.

    So by setting up a second agent which check the logs of the first one you can achieve what you look for.

    Of course this doesn't prevent the second agent to fail as well (imagine the issue is with the mail server refusing the emails, the first agent fails, the second see the failure and try to send an email but of course it fails in the same way as the first one).

  • manyam16
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    How do we capture or check the logs of the first report through a second agent?  do we need to create a report to capture the logs or agent can directly capture the logs?  can you please provide some info.

  • As linked above the scheduler uses 4 tables where it stores things. Each job execution is logged there with a status. If you look at the table you easily figure out the columns and their meaning, or also search here around as some days ago somebody was asking about a monitoring dashboard for agents and he got a reply with columns meanings and even values descriptions.

    So being tables in a database you have to import them into the RPD, model them and then you can build analysis on top of it.

    You "check" agent will use a condition to decide if there is something to do or not, and the condition will check the status of the execution of the other agent based on the criteria you set (like frequency etc.).

    There isn't a "next next next done" solution, but the tool can do all these things because agents store logs in database tables.