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OBIEE 12c - Version: --> uploadRpd Failed: Failure in trying to acquire lock. Check bi-l

Received Response

Hi Professionals,

I am facing trouble uploading 12c rpd with Issue as:

uploadRpd Failed: Failure in trying to acquire lock. Check bi-lcm-logs or diagnostics. Error Desc Code: DESC_CODE_SERVER_EXCEPTIONYou have mail in /var/spool/mail/obieeadm

For OBIEE Version -

But while checking some oracle docs i found solutions to be:

Doc ID 2408667.1 -

Mentioning - The issue is caused due to empty  service.xml  in  DOMAIN_HOME/bidata/service_instances/ssi/service.xml

But there is no such file in any of my other working environments.

I also checked other alternative of "Disallow RPD Updates" wrt Doc ID 2277069.1, but Disallow RPD Updates is already unchecked in my environemnt under: Business Intelligence -> Configuration->Performance Tab

I have done complete restart as well as restart from the OS level. But issue still does not change. This started after deploying some rpd, which was having issue. Now due to upload failover, we are unable to upload any other rpd. Please help...



  • Joel
    Joel ✭✭✭✭✭

    What kind of issue were you having with this rpd? Can you access the rpd in online mode in the Admin Tool?

  • Hi Joel,

    We are backend admin & have only autherization to view offiline rpd, which seems ok. We done have admin rights to set odbc settings to view online rpd.

    The errors i see in offline rpd while consistence check ware only associated to one Application Role. Same issue was there in previous versions of rpd, so that does not seems the issue.

    We also faced similar issue aroung 10 days back in the same version of obi, but different environment, but later on resolved automatically. No idea how & what is causing this issue. Please guide.


  • Joel
    Joel ✭✭✭✭✭

    Have you tried creating a services.xml file to see if this corrects the issue? Just because it works in other environments doesn't necessarily mean that you won't have issues elsewhere.I'd suggest trying that. Also, you do need to have access to the OBIEE Admin Tools if you are an OBIEE Administrator.

  • Hi Joel,

    Issue now got resolved, no idea how. But now i am able to upload rpd without any issue.

    But as this issue repeated second time for me within span of 10 days. I am still searching for cause behind this.

    I also checked for servics.xml file in mentioned path. It was neither there before issue, nor after successfull upload i only see 3 folders under ssi path namely:

    data, metadata & tmp

    Also to mention, though we can open online rpd from admin tool after odbc settings, but we avoid it, as it occupies heavy memory space & time opening rpd.

    So i hope, issue is different & no idea what.