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BIP Migration Steps from On-Premise to BIP on OCI



For migrating BIP code from on premise to BIP on OCI, do we have to still go with the BAR file process? Note that we donot have any OBIEE components like RPD, which need to be migrated.

Any guidelines for export and import for BIP (data model, report, security etc) will be really appreciated.


  • Hi @Shib Seal-Oracle ,

    You should still go with the BAR file approach as it allows to migrate all BIP objects in the catalog and required application roles as well.

    Please note that the above is not sufficient to migrate everything. You still have to manually recreate required data sources, delivery channels, and set up things properly from the Administration => Manage Publisher page.

  • Thanks @Federico Venturin for your response

    I would assume, the user level security (like consumer, reader roles etc..) is also going to get migrated? Or, did you come across the scenario where, that needs to be set up manually?

  • Hi @Shib Seal-Oracle,

    Application role definitions and mappings to users/groups are included in the BAR file and can be easily migrated. However, you should create required users and groups (or import them from your corporate authentication provider) in the target environment before importing the roles from the BAR file. This is because users and groups are NOT included in the BAR file.

    In the Manage Publisher page, you can also map application roles to BIP data sources and delivery channels.. these settings must be migrated manually as they are not included in the BAR file.

  • Thanks for all the inputs. This scenario is resolved now