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Max Number of row in a Obiee report details

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Hi everybody,

I have a report on OBIEE 12 with an action link for detail pages, but when I click on value of report, for example I have a value = 10000000 (10 millions) I will have 10 millions rows on detail page. 

For limit the number of this row, for example I want see only 5000 rows, how can do it? There is some method? P.S. I dont want change settings of OBIEE, but just use a tool in my report.




  • OBIEE does add a limit on the number of rows of each query taking the value from the settings.

    If you want to dynamically limit the number of rows based on a value you enter/pass to an analysis, you should add a filter on the analysis and using a row number column or rank or rsum or anything else that will generate a number that increase by 1 at each row of the analysis.

  • Thanks for the answer, I tried this kind of solution but when I saw the logs I could see this filter in my physical query, only in logical query. Thats why OBIEE works internally this request but I want optimize also physical query. There is a another method.


  • @ User_5KPOQ You are correct in your analysis.

    Please use the alternate option shown below.

    Go to Advanced Tab. In the PostFix sec, apply the number of record you want the report to show.

    Click Apply SQL. It will bring the only those many records in your report.