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[OBIEE 12c Agent] Send status message to administrators

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Hi guys,

Is it possible to configure an OBIEE Agent ( to send out an E-Mail to administrators with the status after job run?

In Hyperion Interactive Jobs you had the option to set this feature as follows:

The received E-Mail then looked as follows in MS Outlook:

This feature is quite useful, as you do not have to be an actual member of the recipients list but you always know if the job run is successful.


  • Not out-of-the-box, no.

  • Carsten Weber
    Carsten Weber ✭✭✭✭

    Okay. Thanks. Then we have to life with this matter.

    Anyway it seems Oracle could develop the functionality for agents a lot more, since:

    1. The attached file name always is the name of the briefing book and can not be set within an agent

    2. A timestamp can not be added to a file name of the attached briefing book

    3. A status E-Mail can not be send out to administrators

    4. The table of contents can not be enabled within a briefing book

    5. The name of the Dashboard used within a briefing book can not be dynamicaly displayed within the table of contents

    6. Probably many more negative points

  • Agents haven't been touched in ages.

    But you CAN use standard functionality to configure this:

    Create a chained agent - so your data delivery agent calls a second agent.

    Athat second agent is handed the first agent's name (or ID) in an input parameter. With that it runs an analysis against the S_NQ_JOB* tables and sends the result set via email.

  • Also: They'll probably tell you "That's what BIP is for" ;-)

  • Robert Angel
    Robert Angel ✭✭✭✭✭

    Wouldn't the simple solution be to actually be included on the distribution list, or is that too simple?

  • Hi,

    As an indirect answer ...

    Every single time I saw something like that I never saw a single administrator seeing that there was an issue.

    Mainly because admins setup a rule to move or delete these emails that keep spamming them or just have something else to do than count how many emails they got and when.

    If you want to be productive, why don't you notify administrators when an issue happen? There is makes sense !

    An admin having an email telling him an issue happened, the guy will start looking.

    An admin having 14 emails per days saying an agent run, the day only 13 emails are received nobody will see it.

  • Almost same approach as I outlined above:

    Get the S_NQ_JOB + _INSTANCE tables into the RPD. Check for exit/error codes. Send.