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Oracle BI Admininstration Tool: Variables do not update

Received Response

Hi guys,

we have the problem, that our specified dynamic repository variables within our Oracle BI Administration Tool do not update anymore.


The value within the first variable "PriorDateEB" should be "02.07.2017". The variables do not update since last Saturday (01.07.2017).

We used to have this problem only a couple of times within the last months and I usually solve it by restarting the whole Oracle BI application environment.

When testing the connection string within the inilization block I receive the correct values:


Is there an easier way to update the repository variables besides restarting the Oracle BI services?

Does anyone also have this problem and can deliver a solution?

Our Version is as follows:


The dynamic variables are currently set to update every hour.

Best regards and thanks in advance



  • Does the query behind the init block actually yield correct results?

    Alternatively it can be "planed obsolescence" since is out of support since June :-P  (that's a joke)

  • Carsten Weber
    Carsten Weber ✭✭✭✭

    Yes the results are correct as shown in my above screenshot.

  • Oh sorry hadn't realized that.

    So that looks like bug 23757629 straight away.

  • Carsten Weber
    Carsten Weber ✭✭✭✭

    Thx for the hint Christian.

    Do I correctly understand it, that I should always restart OPMN services after I made a change to our repository in online mode to prevent this issue?

    Shouldn't this bug be fixed by using version "": 22733489 BIESG: CACHE NOT BEING PURGED WHEN DYNAMIC REPOSITORY VARIABLE CHANGES VALUE ( Bugs Fixed List)

  • The bug points to OPMN because it was originally raised for - in 12c there is no OPMN anymore.

    Can't comment on 22733489 since it's a non-pblic bug but topic-wise it sounds like a different issue.

    And a forced restart of the component sounds like a bit much - and harsh - to me. Never had that issue in or so far. Maybe it's a bug you're facing because you're on the dot zero version

  • Carsten Weber
    Carsten Weber ✭✭✭✭

    We actually are on version: Oracle Business Intelligence

    Or do you mean the version of the administration tool?

  • No the actual product version. By the way you should update your client tools

  • Carsten Weber
    Carsten Weber ✭✭✭✭

    Thx for the advice Christian. I have just downloaded the newest version of the client installer:

    Still from my understanding the client version should not have anything to do with my issue, since it should be a bug on server-level.

    I have also just raised an SR: SR 3-15263601291 : Oracle BI Admininstration Tool: Variables do not update

  • Not saying it's the client tool. Just pointing out that you have a version mismatch there. By the way "newer" Admin Tool and "older" actual server is also not good ;-)

    The bug I mentioned above doesn't have a "Fixed in version" so it might still persist.

  • Robert Angel
    Robert Angel ✭✭✭✭✭

    The workaround I have used for this is to make them session variables, this also guarantees that the variables are as fresh as the user's log in.

  • Carsten Weber
    Carsten Weber ✭✭✭✭

    Oralce support recommended my to do the following to steps:

    1. Install version "" of administration tool

    2. Set the refresh intervall of my inilization block to one minute instead of one hour

    I have created a simple analysis which shows the current date and time of a dynamic repository variable and which is send to my E-Mail account hourly:


    I will try to set up this agent by using a condition, so it is only send in case the difference between the shown repository variable and the actual sysdate (maybe via SQL) is bigger then one hour. Not quite sure how to accomplish this matter of having a check between a repository variable and an actual sysdate but I guess I will figure it out.

    Anyway so far everything still works fine and I will keep you updated as soon as Oracle might have a further solution.

  • Carsten Weber
    Carsten Weber ✭✭✭✭

    Just wanted to keep everyone up to date:

    Last Sunday at 16:15 CET this problem of not refreshing dynamic variables occured again.

    Therefore I had to restart all BI services using shell command line.

    I also created another SR for Oracle and now they gave me the following hint / advice:

    Can you please disable the cache for this report and test the issue.

         Advanced tab -Prefix 


    Apply and run the report keeping variable initialization block refresh interval to smaller one, i.e 1 min.

    I did the changes but somehow I do not think this has anything to do with the problem as the dynamic variables are created / calculated within the BI administration tool and not within the report.

  • "I did the changes but somehow I do not think this has anything to do with the problem as the dynamic variables are created / calculated within the BI administration tool and not within the report."

    Yeah that's a weird suggestion. The variables have zero to do with that. It's a different architectural component. I can run OBIS without even having an OBIPS and do all over ODBC...variables should still work and update.

    tl;dr - rubbish response