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OBIEE Admin Tool 12c: Import Essbase BSO alternate hierarchy

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Hi guys,

fist of all I want to state my versions I am using for the upcoming scenario / question:

OBIEE: Version

OBI Administration Tool: Version

Oracle Essbase: Version

My scenario is as follows:

We have created an alternate hierarchy within our time dimension within Essbase using BSO which consists of the following generations:



          + Year

               + Half-Year

                    + Quarter

                         + Month



          + ISO_Year

               + ISO_Week

                    + Day (Shared member)

Our level zero generation is used to connect both hierarchies using "shared member" on the day level.

When trying to import this BSO cube to the physical layer within the BI Administration tool it only shows me one part of the total time dimension including all seven generations of the TIME.CALENDER part:


I am also not able to see any second time hierarchy within to physical layer to use the build-in functionality of "Convert to multi-hierarchy view" ( ):


When trying to import an Essbase cube which is ASO-model it works without any problems and I have the option to convert the time dimension to single- and multi-hierarchy view:


Does anyone know what might be the problem or what I missed to achieve Oracle BI to show my BSO-model also with an alternate hierarchy?

Best regards and thanks in advance



  • Hi Carsten,

    What are the settings for the database object and the connection pool over which you do the import?

    I've had some issues which were "resolved" (read: worked around) by changing the Essbase version to instead of .4 in the connection pool.

  • Hi Christian,

    we had already set up the version within our connection pool:


    I also just installed a newer version of Oracle BI Administration Tool ( and I also did not have any success - eventhough Oracle listed this kind of error:

    10. Re: OBIEE 12C and Essbase integration issue
    3292571 17.07.2018 13:27 (als Antwort auf: 3292571)

    As per Oracle SR, Solution is to use OBIEE Admin Tool as OBIEE Admin tool is not certified with imports from Essbase Version per Per BUG 27376664 and certification Doc ID 1109260.1

    Best regards


  • Hi Carsten

    I pretty much feared you'd get this answer :-(

  • Robert Angel
    Robert Angel ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Carsten,

    Essbase with OBIEE - not what it could / should be - which as a hybrid EPM / OBIEE person disappoints me greatly!

    Can you; -

    1. back up your cube

    2. Keep a copy of your rpd "as is"

    3. delete the time hierarchy that is appearing in the DB from Essbase

    4. import the cube in OBIEE

    5. Copy the original time hierarchy onto your new rpd from your backed up rpd

    6. Restore Essbase to your back up

    7. Test

    I have done this previously and had success;-  though not with your precise version combination  - so no guarantees I fear

  • Hi Robert,

    thank you very much for your advice.

    I might try this later on. Until now I will just add a new separate dimension within my BSO-cube which stores the data as follows (without using shared member option):


              + ISO_Year

                   + ISO_Week

                        + Day

    I know this is not the perfect way of creating a business model but it solves my problems on a quick basis.

    Best regards