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where is the baseline validation tool?

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I need to set up some automatic regression tests. A lot of guides refer me to the Baseline validation tool. It should come with OBIEE developer client tools. When I try to download and install those, I can't find BVT anywhere. I have for example tried


I can't find anything about this on metalink

has this tool been removed?


  • a) Oyvind is that you?

    b) It / the page it was on has been removed. You may still be able to get it via a Service Request.

  • hi. Im not Øyvind Isene, if thats what you are asking :D thanks. I will try to do that

  • Spot on who I was thinking about. :) Good luck with the SR!

  • Not being that Øyvind but knowing which Øyvind Christian meant :P

    It looks like various MOS documents about BVT have disappeared. BVT wasn't working anymore on most recent versions of OAC/OAS, so maybe they did drop documents to stop people asking why it wasn't working?

    I did open an idea in the CCC node asking for BVT to be made open source so that we could keep maintaining and expanding it.

    The idea is still there but without a single input from Oracle: they don't seem to care much.

    I'm going through some links I had around to see if I can find a working download somewhere.

  • Hello Gianni Ceresa, Were you able to find a working download somewhere, so BVT can work on OAS version?

  • Nope, it has been fully removed because the products it was developed for are not supported anymore (the versions to be precise).

    BVT can't work on OAS, and BVT is also protected by a patent owned by Oracle, and that's why there is also no chance to get its code or build the same tool.

  • Thank you for your response. So basically, we have no solution or a tool to assess the impact of moving from OBI 12c to OAS. Any suggestions or alternate solutions? We have been using BVT tool heavily for any patching or RPD changes and automate the testing effort. Not having BVT is a disappointment! :-(

    Any information, if Oracle is planning to provide BVT back on OAS?

  • As far as I know BVT is dead, no current plans to bring it back (because it would have been pretty simple to adapt it for the current OAC authentication system etc.).

    Your alternative solutions are doing by hand what BVT does, you can script it but it's up to you to decide what is worth the effort: a basic solution for just a short script or a more complex solution covering more content and things, but requiring weeks of coding.

    You can also decide that you care more about data than look and only collect all generated queries for a set of dashboards/analysis and checking that those return the same data etc.

  • Thank you for this thread, it was very helpful! Oracle still has this listed in their documentation, but no info on it being discontinued so I appreciate the research, it definitely saved me some time!

  • Did you find any solution to the BVT in OAS . IF yes , could you suggest what was the approach. We are in the phase of upgrading and this was a disappointing thing to find out that the BVT is no morein OAS.

    Looking forward to your response.

  • You resurrected 3 old threads at least related to BVT.

    BVT is gone, doesn’t exist anymore, it has been decommissioned and removed fully from everywhere.

    It wasn’t built for an OBIEE to OAS upgraded, it was built to support a move to the cloud.

    How did you validate your OBIEE upgrades so far? Do the same with OAS, because OAS is just OBIEE with a different name and a whole new piece (DV).

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    Thanks for the information, Gianni

    We used BVT to compare reports against 11g and 12c during upgrade from 11g to 12c and now can we do the same - use BVT to compare OAS 7.0 analytics reports against OBIEE 12c?

    Please help.

  • Did you try running BVT on OAS?

    The BVT documentation said it didn’t support OAS. The tool isn’t much different, if it doesn’t work with OAS it’s probably because of a difference in the security (that can’t be changed in OAS).

    It would be quite simple to fix the code of BVT, but the code isn’t available and Oracle owns a patent on it, making it illegal to mess around with that code (if you had it).

    What can you do? The same thing that BVT does: it doesn’t do anything secret or special. It does run things and compare outputs. Command line tools still exists in OAS and works mainly in the same way. You could easily automate your own test suites.

  • I'll just chip in and say it's not officially supported. Not sure you'll get 100% what you had before.