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  • I did as you suggested and created a new user Added it only the BIAdministrators group - same result: Administration link does not display, no folders under the Shared Folders display and the "Permissions" does not show in the "Tasks " (not that it is grayed out, it just does not show) Added BIAuthors - same Added…
  • OK, still having problems, but I have solved this specific problem that the buttons were not showing. It was a permission issue. "Write Back to Database" was set for "Authenticated User", but as Denied
  • Yes, the name is the same and the OBIEE user as access to the XML file
  • Yes, it is Linux back end. I will need to check with the DBA to see if the OBIEE user has sufficient rights to the XML template. As for the for the name, I understood it needs to be the name of the WebMessage, not the file name, correct? I did a copy and paste, so is letter/case perfect.
  • Thanks for the quick response! First - I will look into Apex Second, yes followed these instructions Yes bounced the service. Double checked the fields match the insert/update statement and it looks to be OK.