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  • Hi Mallikarjuna Kuppauru-Oracle, thank you. It works!
  • Hi Mallikarjuna Kuppauru-Oracle, The data Type of the Column is already Number. I am not using any variables(Repository or presentation) on this column.
  • Hi Arjun, thank you for your help. Yes, I am using the conditional Formating and Prompts. Now it works, but, I need also Conditional Formating in the Analysis 😅
  • Hi Mallikarjuna Kuppauru-Oracle, thank you for your response. No, i am not using any Presentation Variable, only Repository Variable.
  • Hi Federico Venturin, thank you. Yes I get the same error when I apply to a column that does not contain any NULL value. I will try then with SR.
  • Hi Federico Venturin, thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I get the same error :(
  • Hi Sinduja Sekar-Oracle :) I am using OBIEE version. The cast function I am using to Edit Formula. And after applying the statement and go backt to the Results, I get this error:
  • I get an error when I am going to the Results. By writing a SQL Statement I don't get an error.
  • Sumanth V -Oracle Thanks for the quick answer! I am still getting the same error using the query you have used. I am using OBIEE version. Here is the Query which I am using to Edit Formula: CASE WHEN CAST ("Project"."Duration until MNR Start" AS CHAR) IS NULL THEN 'NS' ELSE CAST("Project"."Duration until MNR…